The collective voices are my interest; it’s my area of research, it’s the literary journal I founded, it’s where my curiosity is never quenched.


I am, however, a lifetime learner. I love taking online classes because they grant me the possibility to replenish and feed my education like a plant that needs to be nurtured with vitamins, watered, and even sung to.

I am not shy about going back to the basics and making sure I haven’t forgotten or missed the mechanics. I need them as a springing board to help me create the magical sentences I need in my creative writing.

In an increasingly polarized and intolerant world, It’s important to value the power of  words and how they can unite, inspire, and propel a more humane future.

Voices – Aswat

Voices  – Aswat أصوات A quarterly cultural magazine Editor in Chief: Denys Johnson-Davies (Read Goodbye,…

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