My Ithaca

Have you endured the scorching of Ra?
Or have you basked in his enlightenment?
Have you indulged in his possibilities?
Or have you triumphed over Psamathe?
Have you been lost in the mirages and thirsts of your mind?
Or have you let the quicksand and snakebites scare you into shelter?

When you reach the Duat,
the glittering gold,
the strands of diamonds,
the electric world,
the most cherished eyes,
will have left you nakedly lonely.

Only Maat will understand what you have endured,
Only she will remember what it took,
Those bonds were the keys.

It is,
only then,
that Maat will release you,
Be overpowered by nature
Alone with its earth
Floating in its water
Absorbed in its beauty
Decompressed by its calmness.

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